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Qualification for Membership in the CCCIJ

Types of Membership in the CCCIJ:

1. Individual Membership (include students)
Annual Membership Fee: JPY 10,000
(This fee is payed during whole year)

2. Corporate Membership
Annual Membership Fee: JPY 100,000
Overseas: CZK 20,000 or EUR 800 *

When company applying for Corporate Membership in CCCIJ, the fee will be changed depend period of applying:
1.Q of the year when applied:
   100% of the price (JPY 100,000/CZK 20,000/EUR 800) 

2.Q of the year when applied:
   75% of the price (  JPY 75,000/CZK 15,000/EUR 600)

3.Q of the year when applied:
   50% of the price (  JPY 50,000/CZK 10,000/EUR 400)

4.Q of the year when applied:
   25% of the price (  JPY 25,000/ CZK 5,000/EUR 200)

* Note:
To qualify as an Overseas Member your organization (company etc.) or yourself need to be permanently registered abroad.

Please read Constitution of the CCCIJ (Japanese only)
Benefits of the membership in the CCCIJ

How to become a Member

Once you decided to be a CCCIJ member, choice a membership type (Individual or Corporate).
After you read the Consitution and support the aims of our Chamber, please fill the necessary fields in our on-line "Application Form". Thank you for your co-operation.

You can find the "Application Form" here >>

After the CCCIJ secretary receive your application, we will send you e-mail with instructions regarding membership fee payment. After your payment the CCCIJ Board will confirm your application, payment and will make a formal decision regarding your membership registration. You will be informed about the decision regarding your Membership by CCCIJ secretary.

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, CCCIJ