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Qualification for Membership in the CCCIJ

Types of Membership in the CCCIJ:

1. Individual Membership (include students)
Annual Membership Fee: JPY 10,000
(This fee is payed during whole year)

2. Corporate Membership
Annual Membership Fee: JPY 100,000
Overseas: CZK 20,000 or EUR 800 *

When company applying for Corporate Membership in CCCIJ, the fee will be changed depend period of applying:
1.Q of the year when applied:
   100% of the price (JPY 100,000/CZK 20,000/EUR 800) 

2.Q of the year when applied:
   75% of the price (  JPY 75,000/CZK 15,000/EUR 600)

3.Q of the year when applied:
   50% of the price (  JPY 50,000/CZK 10,000/EUR 400)

4.Q of the year when applied:
   25% of the price (  JPY 25,000/ CZK 5,000/EUR 200)

* Note:
To qualify as an Overseas Member your organization (company etc.) or yourself need to be permanently registered abroad.

・Please read Constitution of the CCCIJ (two languages):
   1) in Japanese Language
   2) in Czech Language
Benefits of the membership in the CCCIJ

How to become a Member

Once you decided to be a CCCIJ member, choice a membership type (Individual or Corporate).
After you read the Consitution and support the aims of our Chamber, please fill the necessary fields in our on-line "Application Form". Thank you for your co-operation.

You can find the "Application Form" here >>

After the CCCIJ secretary receive your application, we will send you e-mail with instructions regarding membership fee payment. After your payment the CCCIJ Board will confirm your application, payment and will make a formal decision regarding your membership registration. You will be informed about the decision regarding your Membership by CCCIJ secretary.

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, CCCIJ