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For CCCIJ members:
Monthly magazine EUROBIZ JAPAN for free

Dear CCCIJ Members,

We are sending you this e-mail to let you know, that since 2017 is CCCIJ a Member of the European Business Council (EBC), part of European business community in Japan and stakeholder in this organization.

Beside many other benefits of this membership, EBC offered us, to all our members to receive a business magazine EUROBIZ Japan for free, from their partner company Paradigm who publishing this magazine on monthly basis. We are sending you this e-mail as a opportunity to receive this monthly magazine for free. Of cource only for those who wish to receive it.

For those who wish to receive monthly magazine EUROBIZ Japan for free, we prepared application form where we need to collect your actual postal address. Click on bellow button「Application form to receive EUROBIZ Japan for free」and write all necessary details where you wish to receive the magazine. After we will collect all addresses from those who wish to receive this magazine, we will send the data to Paradigm company and will start to send it on monthly basis.

Deadline for applying is: November 25th (Sun).
Thank you for understanding.

EUROBIZ Japan - Archive of the previous numbers


月刊誌「EUROBIZ Japan」をCCCIJ会員として無料で入手する為に住所のご依頼



毎月発行されている雑誌「EUROBIZ Japan」をEBCパートナーであり、Paradigm社から、EBCの会員商工会議所のメンバー全員様に無料で送って頂ける依頼を頂いております。この月刊誌を無料で受け取る機会として、CCCIJ会員の皆様にご連絡させて頂きました。

月刊誌「EUROBIZ Japan」を無料で受け取るご希望の方は、郵送先(郵便番号、ご住所、電話番号、お名前)のデータを以下のボタン「EUROBIZ Japanを無料で受け取るためのお申込み」をクリックして、お申込みフォームでご入力とご送信ください。

皆様から集まった郵送先をParadigm社に提供し、出来次第にて「EUROBIZ Japan」を発送させて頂きます。

EUROBIZ Japan バックナンバー

In case you are a CCCIJ member and didn`t received an e-mail from Secretary yet, please contact our office at: secretary@cccij.com

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, CCCIJ