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News: June 24, 2020

Report: Webinar『中東欧におけるAIの最新動向-New Trends in Artificial Intelligence in Central Europe』

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The webinar "New Trends in Artificial Intelligence in Central Europe" is part of the regular series of the "V4-Japan Technology Seminars" which have been organized annually in Tokyo. This year, due to the coronavirus-related restrictions, the event organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the CzechInvest was held online on June 18, 2020, and successfully over 150 viewers joined it.

The topics at the webinar were very attractive, covering current trends of AI, deep learning, data sharing, development and application of advanced AI for industrial robotics and control systems in both Japan and Central Europe.

Now you can watch the edited version of the webinar on YouTube channel of the Embassy of the Czech Republic. Please enjoy.


V4+Japan Technology Webinar 2020 (PDF, 724 KB)

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, CCCIJ