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News: August 31, 2020

Sponsorship competition "KEYS TO JAPAN" - Your Marketing Entry Plan For Japan 

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Dear CCCIJ members and friends,

Are you considering marketing a product or service in the Japanese market?

CCCIJ is sharing valuable information from our partner "EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation", who is offering the sponsorship competition,  'Keys to Japan' for SMEs from an EU Member-State or COSME Third Country. 

The European Commission-funded Keys to Japan Competition will help develop a tailored Market entry plan for two winners.

Each plan is worth €10,000, of which the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will pay €9,700. The winning SMEs will pay €300. The plans will be prepared by the Japan Market Expansion Competition - JMEC (http://www.jmec.gr.jp/).


Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants must be citizens of an EU Member-State (Czech Republic) or COSME Third Country, be at least 20 years old, and work in a management position for a SME headquartered in the EU (Czech Republic) or in a COSME Third Country.

Application Deadline: September 25, 2020 (17:30 Tokyo Local Time)

More info by e-mail: KeysToJapan@eu-japan.gr.jp

URL of the project: https://www.eu-japan.eu/market-entry-business-plan-support-keys-japan

Application: https://www.eu-japan.eu/market-entry-business-plan-support-keys-japan

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