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News: September 25, 2020

EBC's attempt against travel restrictions of Japan entry

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From July 13, 2020, Czech started to allow people from the list of countries with a low risk of COVID-19 entring as before COVID-19. That scheme also exempts the necessity of providing the purpose of stay/PCR test or quarantine.  

Whereas the Czech has become more flexible in terms of travel restrictions, Japan still has a deliberate policy for the entry of foreign people to Japan. The Japanese government commenced bilateral negotiations with Asian and Oceanic countries and allowed business travelers from those countries entering Japan, however, they are yet to allow short-term businesspeople from European countries to enter Japan.

The EBC - Europe Business Council has been trying to pursue and advocate for bilateral agreements between individual European countries and Japan. They keep posting statements to the Japanese government because such businesspeople from Europe are vital for each European company operating in Japan, and also believe that the sooner the travel restriction is eased, the more it would be beneficial for the Japanese economy as a whole.

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