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News: April 12, 2021

Results of the CCCIJ 7th Annual General Meeting 2021 (by e-mail)

在日チェコ商工会議所 第7回会員総会2021の結果発表 (e-mailにて開催)



CCCIJ - Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan held the "7th Annual General Meeting 2021" by e-mail on March 30, 2021.

After closing the registration on March 16, 2021, we found that the number of attendees did not reach the necessary number defined by the Constitution. For that reason, Board of the Members decided to change the process of holding AGM 2021 from the online meeting to e-mail communication and sending the documents by e-mail.

Now, we are presenting the result as follows:

Number of members 40  (as of Dec. 2020)
Number of voting rights 40  (as of Dec. 2020)
FOR 40

From the result, the following agendas and proposals have been approved.

          1) Annual Report 2020 (PDF | 603 KB)
          2) Annual plan of activities for 2021 (PDF | 117 KB)

CCCIJ would like to announce the successful closing of the AGM2021. 

Thank you.

Roman Watanabe, Chairman of CCCIJ




会員総数 40 (2020年12月現在)
議決権総数 40 (2020年12月現在)
賛成 40
反対 0


           1) 2020年度 事業報告 (PDF | 603 KB)
   2) 2021年度 事業計画案 (PDF | 117 KB)


会頭 渡邊ロマン

Contact / お問合せ

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCCIJ)

E-mail: secretary@cccij.com

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