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News: November 25, 2020

Report of the activities on Professional Business Services - PROPEA in 2020

We closed action plan of the PROPEA project in the year 2020 and bellow would like to report on activities in this project.

Providing of consulting services to Czech business entities:
As part of the consulting services provided to Czech company BARD s.r.o. were: the most suitable strategy for entering the Japanese market was proposed, business channels for marketing products were identified and price bench marking was determined with respect to similar products already in use in Japan. Follow-up steps to market the products were recommended. As part of the creation of partner network, a total of 86 selected companies in the field of production and distribution of veterinary products and cosmetics were contacted. Feedback from potential partners was mapped, including recommendations for the Czech side regarding the specifics of the Japanese market - like a requirements for registration of veterinary products and cosmetics, a recommendation on how to register these products in Japan etc. We provided a list of recommended TOP potential partners for further negotiations. As part of after care and follow up support, further communication between the Czech and Japanese sides was coordinated. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation and the closed borders in Japan, it was not possible for the company to hold face-to-face meetings in Japan. The communication continued in online mode, and future personal meetings will take place when the situation allows.

In addition to the paid services, the CCCIJ provided several informal and free consultations to other interested parties among Czech companies to enter the Japanese market with the offer of PROPEA services.

Regarding website:
Within the CCCIJ website, there is a dedicated section of PROPEA (www.cccij.com/inpage/propea/), which is regularly updated. Through the Contact Form on the website, in 2020 we were contacted by 5 companies, to whom we provided more information about PROPEA services and also provided basic advice on business opportunities and entry into the Japanese market.

Business seminars and presentations:
PROPEA services in Japan were promoted at business seminars and presentations organized by the CCCIJ. In particular, the CCCIJ organizes an annual business seminar in the Czech Republic focused on the Japanese market.

We promoted PROPEA services through CCCIJ activities both in the Czech Republic and in Japan, directly to the members, and also through partners to Czech companies (in cooperation with some associations).

The COVID-19 pandemic limited our planned activities for 2020, in particular the annual seminar "Doing Business in Japan" for Czech companies in the Czech Republic and the planned business seminar on the occasion of the opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Okinawa in March 2020.

Roman Watanabe
CCCIJ Chairman
November 25, 2020

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, CCCIJ